The New Dressmaker, 1921

A book review of sorts


By Ann McAllister Clark



Did you know that thousands of books are being uploaded to the Internet by university libraries?  That is how people that own an electronic reader like the Kindle can have so many free books to read.  But even if you don’t have a reader you can find these books easily accessible right on your home computer.


I have in my collection, The New Dressmaker – copyright 1921 by the Butterick Publishing Company.  I found the entire book including the table of contents, drawings and illustrations on the University of Wisconsin’s digital library site

I have included the address below.

If you ‘copy and paste’ the address below into your address/browser line you can go right to the book.  Some of you may have programs that allow you to just click on the blue address.

There are some easy directions on the left side of the site’s page.  Just click on one of the blank little pages to enlarge the writing so it is easier to read the books print.  If you click on the ‘gallery’ on the side it will show you lots of pages to see. When you click on a page, at the bottom of that you will find arrows to take you to the next or the previous page.  If you don’t want to read the whole thing just save it into your ‘favorites list’ and you can come back anytime.




1921 Edward Hopper’s Girl at Sewing Machine